About & Projects

I write different kinds of code. You can find me as @nami_m_wang on twitter and @namiwang on github.

I did some competitive programming as a teenager (attended NOI ‘08, ‘09 in China), and now I work as an indie developer.

I’ve been working on mobile/pc games, compilers, and regular full-stack web developments.

major side-projects

fiber note

fiber note screenshot

fiber-note is a bi-directional networked note-taking app which is open and self-hosting, inspired by roam-research, obsidian and others.

I’m working on a series of dev diaries around the building of fiber-note:


references.wiki screenshot

I watched so many tv shows (especially sitcoms) that I have to build references.wiki to organize and visualize pop culture references between tv shows, video games, fictional characters, etc.

I composed scrappers to fetch and parse the occurrences of pop culture references in different wikia (fandom) sites. Currently I’ve parsed around 5000 references between 1000 works/celebrities.

I built my own knowledge base to cross-reference sources like wikidata, google kg, and wolfram alpha. I implemented a customized editor for user to create new references between works.

The next step will be UGC workflow (I’m considering a git-based one), editing history and data visualization.

ruby on rust


An implementation of ruby in pure rust, consists of (barely working) lexer and parser, and a no-go interpreter.

I started this project as a way to learn rust. Eventually, I’ve learned more than that, including lexer & parser, ragel, and a lot of ruby’s hidden magic.

Lots of the grammar rules and AST conventions are ripped from the parser gem. For lexer, I adapted some rules from parser and ported from ragel-6 to ragel-7. For parser, I use syntax-cli as the parser generator.

project yoru

project yoru screenshot

project yoru screenshot

Project yoru is a set of projects to build cross-platform visual novel games from only assets and scripts, without coding.

To build this project, I was using polymer, lots of gulp scripts, phonegap build, which are all (basically) dead by now :|

tiny projects

  • icons.land: to search icons from different packs like font-awesome, ionicons, etc.
  • streaming guide: help me decide which streaming service (nf, hulu, disney+) should I subscribe to
  • wiki flutter: a wikipedia client in flutter

utility libs


as a translator

  • I’m a co-translater of the simplified Chinese version of MongoDB: The Definitive Guide from O’Reilly

as a novelist